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Kim Hightower

Communications Specialist
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Kim is an advocate for humans, nonhumans and the environment, and she joins PAN Works as our Communications Specialist.

She grew up feeling safest in nature and cherished the opportunity in school to read and analyze literature. On a changing planet, she is motivated by a longing to protect the natural world with all of the interconnections it nurtures in the community of life. She believes that people and animals have the potential to thrive together through mixed communities across landscapes. Key to our mutual wellbeing is a paradigm shift in human consciousness.

While working as a facilitator and ally in the disability community, Kim earned her Masters of Science in Anthrozoology from Canisius College and Certificate in Humane Education from the University of Denver. She also has certifications in applied animal behaviour (University of Washington, Seattle), ecotherapy (Earth Body Institute), and is a master naturalist (Montana Natural History Center). She loves to work on behalf of others through writing and facilitating, and her interests take shape through education; community engagement; and creative-academic storytelling for social change. In hopes of reaching wider audiences, she has engaged both schools and animal sanctuaries with humane and conservation education programming.

As our communications specialist, Kim seeks to promote animal wellbeing using social psychology and ecopsychological insight that recognize the importance of empathy and compassion in ethical capacity building. This involves communicating the science and ethics of human-animal interactions to the public, and how this informs how we ought to live with people, animals and nature.